Dialworx provides both technology and people-based services, tailoring the project to suit your specific requirements and objectives.

We participate on various levels, from strategic advising to implementation and follow up and where necessary, we work in tandem with your PR or advertising agency.

At Dialworx we believe that effective relationship building requires information flow to be consistent, and we assist in managing the processes necessary to get your information to the desired audience as well as tracking and customise the responses.

The future of business will be driven by the effectiveness of relationships between companies, their stakeholders and clients. Establishing these relationships relies on an effective blend of people and technology. Whether you have five customers, or five million, understanding their needs are vital. 


Previous strategic projects on an international and local level include:

  • Creation of key stakeholder relations for commercial entities and industry bodies
  • Negotiations of various agreements on behalf of our clients
  • Compiling, building and managing media relations and advertising campaigns
  • Assisting with strategy development and implementation of various pilot projects
  • Networking for and representation of our clients

Previous marketing and communication specific projects include:

  • Media campaigns (media schedules and media relations)
  • Event marketing
  • Research
  • Loyalty programmes (channel, employee and customer)
  • Execution and management of various customised and client specified projects