Chris has a people passion and believes that true investment is in people. He involves himself with business that has a positive impact on people and our surroundings. He believes in lifelong learning and that one should create value for others before expecting anything in return.

Chris started his career by working with an International Charity and was located in various countries, mainly Africa , Middle East and Asia.
Chris was selected to join the International Project management team. He led his team in East Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu. After completing this project he was tasked to Taiwan. Thereafter he was placed in Germany for five months to work with a leadership developer. The international experience was very much appreciated and Chris believes it has formed him to who he is today.
Chris completed his 3rd year BCom in 2001, where after he started a Marketing and Communications Project management business.

Chris has dealt with major companies over the past years, these companies have been mainly involved in the IT Sector, Supply Chain Management and Educational Industry. Projects have involved representing certain Industry bodies on a Marketing and Communications level, interacting with stakeholders and negotiating various deals. Research, marketing strategy, media relations and sponsorship raising has been a key area of performance. Clients and projects have been based in Africa, the USA, Europe & Asia.

Since the inception of Dialworx Chris has focused on strategy development and establishing Dialworx in the BPO & O space.