Dialworx was established at the end of 2005 driven by a need from clients to have boutique call centre functionality. These services would mainly entail shorter term customised projects which could not be catered for by internal and/or conventional contact centres.

The initial projects had to be set up in short time frames with agents possessing specific skill sets relevant to the clients and/or projects. These agents were recruited per project in order to enhance customisation.

Typical projects included:

  • market research,
  • event promotion & RSVP, and
  • inbound telephonic enquiries.



The founders of Dialworx initially studied together and found they had similar passions which led to them engaging in various business opportunities. The passion for contact centre started when Chris Visser, one of the founders outsourced contact centre work to larger contact centres. The work was completed but objectives never fully met which led to post-purchase dissonance. Chris believes that the telephonic medium is a flexible tool which can be customised and applied creatively to meet client objectives.

At Dialworx we implement responsible contact centre projects meaning we will, together with the client, strive to meet project objectives and if it means going back to the drawing board, WE WILL!